Re-engaging Employees post Covid 19

Re-engaging Employees post Covid 19

As organizations prepare for the new ‘normal’, and look forward to business as usual, they need to put a heavy emphasis on reengaging employees.

Reengagement of employees will depend on:

How they perceived the leadership during the crisis. Leadership that supported the employees during the crisis by being available, supporting the employees through flexibility, debriefing the employees, practiced effective communication and making quick transformational changes will be perceived as being credible. These organizations will succeed better at creating the new ‘normal’ with employee engagement.

As organizations move from the crisis to recovery, leadership style has to change from a crisis one to a mix of visionary, pacesetting and coaching. Leaders will have to help navigate employees and teams through uncertainties, rapid mind shift, and address new demands of flexibility.

Human resources will be challenged to have a Covid vaccination policy in light of the apprehension and resistance from significant population.

Leaders will have to be prepared for increased workplace conflicts, employees (especially good ones) re-evaluating their priorities and quitting, and the fact that recovery will not be static.

On the human factors side, organizations that create atmosphere of wellness, team spirit, balance flexibility with business needs, educate leaders to manage remote or hybrid workforce, provide transparent and engaging vision will re-engage employees with motivation.

On the business side, organizations will have to recognize that the old process of change and transformation will need to be replaced by quick transformation. Understanding the impact of quick transformation on employees and assisting them in the process will become important. Leaders will have to rethink their business model and look for opportunities for growth.