We are professional counsellors experienced in delivering EAP services since 1986. Additionally, we have provided organizational assessments and developed relevant workshops to address the their needs. We have served on the Board of Directors for a number of Global Professional Associations (EAPA, EASNA, and Club of Geneva).

We have extensive experience in Emergency Response and have responded to numerous Critical Incidents, especially in the airline industry.

ASA has assessed executive teams, coached executives, provided strategic planning sessions and  leadership and team building workshops. Most of the time, we were called because of referral or recommendation from others. We do not have a dedicated sales person to promote our services. As a result, we only delivered services to organizations when there was endorsement and cooperation from everyone.

We have been fortunate to serve diverse organizational and community clientele – airlines, international corporations, government agencies and First Nations.



Inspire healthier organizations and communities by focusing on wellness, interconnectedness, and effective leadership.


Create groundbreaking approaches to deal with constant changes in family, organizations and community. Focus on primary, secondary and tertiary approaches to any challenges.