Mental Health
Excellent site for information on mental disorders.
Canadian Mental Health Association site in English or French.
Link to the CMHA site to get pamphlets on various topics. You can click on the pamphlet and download it free
Excellent British Columbia site for information and resources for mood disorders

Excellent site for information on depression
Excellent site to help young people explore and understand mental distress.

Excellent site for understanding stress. Has a quiz to measure your stress index.

Government of Canada site that has information on dealing with debts

Resources and support for Canadian Parents

Lawyer Referral
Information on Lawyer Referral Services across Canada
To provide first-class pro bono lawyers assistance to all persons who cannot obtain Legal Aid or afford a lawyer, through pro bono clinics throughout the Western provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

Wellness and Nutrition
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health site in English and French. Excellent information on Wellness as well as issues such as violence in the workplace
Health Canada site that provides facts and information on nutrition
Excellent articles on Wellness, Nutrition, and general information
A Canadian public education site with hundreds of good articles on children and family issues

Child and Elder Care
Eldercare survival guide. Good tips on looking after elders at home
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
An independent national provider of child and eldercare. Please note that we have no assessment of the provider

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Resources
Site for alcohol and drug treatment centres across Canada. Has information on residential and outpatientĀ  centres. Also has links to excellent articles on addictions.