Elder & Childcare

We have resources for eldercare and childcare. Specifically, we have data on:


  • Home support services
  • Emergency home care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Senior’s residence
  • Senior’s activity centers
  • Transportation services
  • Emergency nursing services


  • Baby sitting agencies, including nanny services
  • Emergency babysitting services
  • Kindergarten and preschool programs
  • Self-help support groups for parents
  • Emergency nursing services
  • Day care and after school care centers

All referrals will only occur after careful assessment of the employee’s needs. We will update the database upon feedback from the employee. The cost of direct eldercare or childcare services will be the responsibility of the employee.

For financial and legal concerns, we will refer the employee to appropriate resources, but our main focus will be on assessment and coaching the employee to ask the right kind of questions, and to remove any anxiety associated with dealing with lawyers and financial consultants.